Thanks to all of these people who helped me through this process. I couldn't have done it without any one of their support and insight...

(In no particular order)

the pros...

Debra Hagel Wollman, Dr. Sharon Pollock, Dr. John King, Dr. Thomas Hopkins, Dr. Tracy Zaslow, Dr. Gordon McComb, Dr. Ronald Rich, Dr. Saul Bernstein, Dr. Bernard Ullman, Dr. Shokei Yamada, Rebecca Morgan, L.C.S.W., Dr. Hua Gu, Dr. Perry S., Dr. Moustapha Abou-Samra, Dr. Brian Andrews, Dr. Maurice Masliah, Dr. Jennifer Ramlo, Dr. Perry Shieh, Dr. Joanne Feldman, Dr. Jeffrey Wong, Dr. Carlos Lerner, Dr. Stuart Goldfarb, Dr. Paul Pattengale, Dr. Sarah Copeland, Dr. Frederick Dennis, Dr. Raman Sankar, Dr. Shawn Butela, Dr. Angelique Campen, Dr. Ross Eto, Dr. David Rubenstein, Dr. Frederick Dennis, Dr. Lawrence Simon, Dr. Carmen Botero, Phillip Ambroset DME, West Val Pharmacy, The LAFD Paramedics, Writers Guild Industry Health Fund

my family...

Jimmy Huston, Lynn Mills, Veronica Huston, Steve Mills, Dawn Mills, Talia Lawrence, Sarah Mills, Jim Mills, Evelyn Mills

my loyal friends...

Jojo Bagdadi, Russell Glasgow, Sean Glasgow, Phyllis Bagdadi, Henri Bagdadi, Jaron Summers, Kate Dahlberg, Andy Anderson, Terri Cummings, Jordan Sitzer, Briana Sitzer, Charlie Sitzer, Gay Courter, Pam Alch, Tom Alch, Jenny Alch, Beckie Alch, Janice Alch, Todd D., Marie-Ange D., Worth Keeter, Talmadge Regan, Mely Cazun, Abe Milrad, Christiana Atiya, Mark Mountanos, Linda Mountanos, John Green, Carla McFarland, Dr. Azmi Atiya, Dr. Tina Koopersmith, Mara, Babara Gillham, Levie Isaacks, James King, Rebecca Hale, Phil Reilly, Dr. Deborah Harwin, Courtney Lofton, Cindy Thorin, Judy Nelson, Craig Nelson, Nancy James, Ernie Machado, Gary Azevedo, Andrea Chafetz, Marc Chafetz, Stuart Schwartz, Joanne Adirin, Eden Furie, Solene M., Rachel A., Jenny Weetman, Woody Norris, Stephanie Norris, & Lisa Gonzales..

A few coaches...

Dr. Craig Harwin, Jerry Chavez, Charlie Issacs, Meghan A., Mauricio Hernandez, Jaime Alonzo, Mitch Dunitz

my high school...

Stephanie Connelly, Richard Klee, Joseph Lee, Val P., Stephanie D., Patrick T., Rebecca F., Cindy K., Bridget L., Tito F., Mike C.

the answer...

Dr. Lonnie Zeltzer, Dr. Kathryn DePlanque, Dr. Esther Dreifuss-Kattan., Beth Sternlieb, Dr. Shelley Segal, Dr. Solomon Perlo, Chris Slate, Dr. Samantha Levy, Diane Poladian, Dr. Raffi Tachjian, UCLA Pediatric Pain Management Program





Pink three dimensional collage.

In a plastic box I made this collage kind of thing. That is a dried flower, a fake butterfly, the words are magnets, and the pink things are a CD case that I broke. The hands are drawn onto a white fabric.


When you come through this, not 'if' because you will, it is so important to pay it forward. Help other people and be more compassionate about others.

I have been doing community service and this whole experience has really changed my life. I now know what I want to do with my life -- I want to be a social worker for foster kids. It doesn't have to do with chronic pain or anything, but this experience has shown me that I really want to help people that need it.

I know how tough it is. I know how alone it can feel. I know how helpless it can be.

That's why I have started a foundation to raise money for those fighting chronic pain. My Teen Pain Help Foundation will be collecting money to donate to the people who saved not only my life, but the lives of so many others like me; the Whole Child Foundation.

To learn more about them, visit

To learn more about my Teen Pain Help Foundation, please visit

Every parent and family deserves peace of mind, every child deserves comfort, and every person deserves health.

Currently I'm developing an art show based on my experience with pain.
The first exhibition was at The Gallery at Ivey's Emporium in Alpine, Texas.

Art for Georgia's first art show.

Drawing of violet flower.

A special thanks to my biggest fan, and the most loyal person I know, my dad. I have never seen anyone step up to the plate the way he did and I am confident that I never will. He sets the bar so high when it comes to personal heroes and I owe everything I have today to him.